Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taking a Break..

Wow! So, its been a couple of weeks since I last posted on here due to stressful/unbelievably busy times. I havent been feeling well and ive had ALOT going on because of my husbands fight he had on the 29th. (yes, he is a professional mixed martial artist.. "joy") He fought in Houston and wound up losing to decision after a really messed up fight. But it seems he always gets screwed over one way or another every time he fights out of town. It didnt help that his cardio was horrible either (again).. but ANYWAYS! Before I get to deep in that subject ill leave it at that.

I did work on one project while all of this was going on and ill have to post the pictures and details later. I just thought I would update anyone who reads this and let them know I hadnt killed over.. yet!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Introduction

So I havent introduced the family yet, ive already told u alittle about myself and ive mentioned my hubby, so now all thats left is our babies!

First, we got Buddy. He didnt look this cute when we picked him up! I know its horrible, but i didnt like him at all when my hubby picked him out of all the dogs at the shelter! But wouldnt you know it, he grew on me. :)

Then there was Max. We found him under our car in Arizona when he was no bigger than the palm of my hand. My hubby's mom told us it was ment to be and so we took him all the way back to texas with us and tear dropper nursed him until he was old enough for normal food.

This is a more updated picture of him, but hes even bigger than this now.. hes definately a spoiled, fat cat!

And the newest addition to the family is Achilles. My guard dog for when im home alone! Isnt he the cutest little polar bear puppy youve ever seen! lol

A more recent picture of my "Kill" (Achilles)

And whats a good snow day without a good romping around in it!


Some Of The Old..

I know this is out of order, but I wanted to share some other things that ive done recently (some, before thanksgiving) that I wasnt able to before because I didnt have a blog at the time. So here are a few little crafts and moments id like to share. :)

This was the painting I did at my friend Kimberly's G.U.M.B.O. Craft Night. I had so much fun meeting new people and getting a girl's night away from everything to be creative!

Everyone else's paintings. It was a blast!

This was a project I did for my mom. (Sorry about the picture quality, I took it on my cell phone before we got better lighting in the kitchen) She gave me a whole bag of these things and asked me to paint them, so this was my first attempt! Mom and dad sanded them down and drilled the holes in them, I just painted and sprayed a few coats of gloss on it! Ill try to get a better pic of it next time I go visit.

Another project was my earring holder/display. I just used an old frame I had laying around the house, spray painted it flat black and stapled black string across it.  
I wear clip ons for now so I just clipped them on the string but the hooked earrings would go nicely on it as well.


I got this idea from my mom. I saw that she was using a spool rack to hang her bangles and bracelets on so I HAD to copy off of her. I purchased mine at Walmart, because I was too excited to wait and find something cheaper somewhere else, and spray painted it flat black to match my earring display and there u have it!

These, I found at a junk store years ago for 50 cents a piece and my friend at the time talked me into buying them. I had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time. They had thick dried glue in the place of the mirrors and were painted some rusty red color with white splotches.. yuck.

Anyway, I did my magic and painted them up, put dollar store mirrors in the center to cover the ugly glue and put some cheap little candles I found at Ross on the little ledges. They turned out pretty nice. I have them hanging in my bathroom with the rest of my oriental themed stuff. :)

I had my hubby make me these crosses because I needed some Jesus in our home while I was still getting used to living there. I have a thing about old houses.. they just scare me. Anyways, I had him make the crosses and I went to painting them.

The left one, I painted silver with black trim and put globs of glitter paint on and let it dry all day. The second one I painted dark brown and lightly kind of dry brushed black paint over where the grain in the wood was to make it look stained. then i gave it a gold trim and free handed our last name in the middle.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Things!

I created my first blog! Yay me! So, Im 12 weeks pregnant with mine and my husbands first and ive been really sick since thanksgiving and pretty much bed ridden minus the occasional bathroom trips to hug the toilet and bathe. So now that im feeling better (still sick, but better) Ive been itching to get out of the house and DO something! That itch brought me to my first night out with the girls where i got to paint on a canvas (for the first time since highschool) for a craft night. I had so much fun i decided i couldnt wait another month to do something creative! I imediately went online to search for ideas and things to make/do and came across quite a few blogs where i found LOTS of things im too excited to try! Ashley's page was the first that i came across and now shes my new hero. : ) (Thanks Ashley for inspiring me!) So, since looking at all the blogs here are a couple of my creations.

I bought this fabric on sale at Walmart and came up with the design myself after seeing pillows a long time ago with buttons on them. I decided ribbon was better. :)

I hand stitched the whole thing because A. I dont own a sewing machine, and B. If i did own a sewing machine I wouldnt know how to use it anyway! Maybe one day someone will teach me.

Excuse the messy floor :)

I sewed the ribbon on and pulled it thru a hole that I cut in the flapso it can be opened and closed at will. I have stuffing inside for now until i get a 13x13 pillow for it.

 Not bad for my first pillow eh? For my second night of crafting I decided to finish a small desk I had sanded down back in the summer. I liked alot of the shabby chic and beachy designs i had been seeing so i went with a white distressed look. I think it turned out quite nice. ( Excuse the blankets, it gets cold in our bedroom if we dont cover the windows in the winter!)

The handles got thrown away by my darling hubby because he throws everything away and he thought it would get me to throw away the desk as well, but he will be buying me more now. I hope hes learned his lesson.

Some knick knacks I found at the Goodwill in town the day before for about 60 cents a piece sitting on top of my freshly painted and sanded desk.

I found these jars at the Goodwill as well for 50 cents a piece after seeing some like them as cute little candle holders on Ashley's Thrifty Living. And the seashells, my hubby and I found on our 1 year anniversary last year.

So all in all, ive had a pretty good first two days of crafting, hopefully I can keep it up and not procrastinate and get disinterested in things this year. I figure if i keep my crafts somewhat simple and finish them in the same day i wont get bored or tire of them. We will see!

And on a side note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DARLING HUBBY!