Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Of The Old..

I know this is out of order, but I wanted to share some other things that ive done recently (some, before thanksgiving) that I wasnt able to before because I didnt have a blog at the time. So here are a few little crafts and moments id like to share. :)

This was the painting I did at my friend Kimberly's G.U.M.B.O. Craft Night. I had so much fun meeting new people and getting a girl's night away from everything to be creative!

Everyone else's paintings. It was a blast!

This was a project I did for my mom. (Sorry about the picture quality, I took it on my cell phone before we got better lighting in the kitchen) She gave me a whole bag of these things and asked me to paint them, so this was my first attempt! Mom and dad sanded them down and drilled the holes in them, I just painted and sprayed a few coats of gloss on it! Ill try to get a better pic of it next time I go visit.

Another project was my earring holder/display. I just used an old frame I had laying around the house, spray painted it flat black and stapled black string across it.  
I wear clip ons for now so I just clipped them on the string but the hooked earrings would go nicely on it as well.


I got this idea from my mom. I saw that she was using a spool rack to hang her bangles and bracelets on so I HAD to copy off of her. I purchased mine at Walmart, because I was too excited to wait and find something cheaper somewhere else, and spray painted it flat black to match my earring display and there u have it!

These, I found at a junk store years ago for 50 cents a piece and my friend at the time talked me into buying them. I had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time. They had thick dried glue in the place of the mirrors and were painted some rusty red color with white splotches.. yuck.

Anyway, I did my magic and painted them up, put dollar store mirrors in the center to cover the ugly glue and put some cheap little candles I found at Ross on the little ledges. They turned out pretty nice. I have them hanging in my bathroom with the rest of my oriental themed stuff. :)

I had my hubby make me these crosses because I needed some Jesus in our home while I was still getting used to living there. I have a thing about old houses.. they just scare me. Anyways, I had him make the crosses and I went to painting them.

The left one, I painted silver with black trim and put globs of glitter paint on and let it dry all day. The second one I painted dark brown and lightly kind of dry brushed black paint over where the grain in the wood was to make it look stained. then i gave it a gold trim and free handed our last name in the middle.


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