Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Introduction

So I havent introduced the family yet, ive already told u alittle about myself and ive mentioned my hubby, so now all thats left is our babies!

First, we got Buddy. He didnt look this cute when we picked him up! I know its horrible, but i didnt like him at all when my hubby picked him out of all the dogs at the shelter! But wouldnt you know it, he grew on me. :)

Then there was Max. We found him under our car in Arizona when he was no bigger than the palm of my hand. My hubby's mom told us it was ment to be and so we took him all the way back to texas with us and tear dropper nursed him until he was old enough for normal food.

This is a more updated picture of him, but hes even bigger than this now.. hes definately a spoiled, fat cat!

And the newest addition to the family is Achilles. My guard dog for when im home alone! Isnt he the cutest little polar bear puppy youve ever seen! lol

A more recent picture of my "Kill" (Achilles)

And whats a good snow day without a good romping around in it!



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